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Make your own watercolour bookmarks


by Panduro

Make your own watercolour bookmarks

Make your own watercolour bookmarks

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut out rectangles of thick watercolour paper, approximately 6 x 21 cm.

  • 2

    Punch out a small hole at the bottom if you want to be able to attach a little decoration there later.

  • 3

    Paint simple designs, like flowers, or abstract designs with watercolours. Let dry.

  • 4

    Draw outlines and details with a thin black marker.

  • 5

    Thread a piece of string or ribbon through the hole at the bottom. Let the ends hang down a little.

Do you love to read too? Then you may need beautiful bookmarks so that you can keep track of where you are in your book. With thick watercolour paper and watercolour paint, you can create lovely little artworks on your own home-made bookmarks. Perfect for yourself, and as gifts for friends and family who can’t get enough of the magical world of books.

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