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Manga drawings


by Panduro

Manga drawings

Manga drawings

How to instructions

  • 1

    Start by sketching simple shapes in pencil.

  • 2

    Develop the sketch with additional and clearer shapes.

  • 3

    For example, add lines for eyes, ears, a neck and hair.

  • 4

    Last, draw the outlines with a thin, waterproof pen.

Improve your manga drawing skills! Manga is the Japanese word referring to comic books, and in Europe, it refers to a Japanese style of drawing. The figures often have large eyes and small mouths. The best tools for manga are Koi water-based pens, or Pigma. A unique feature of Pigma ink is that it is colourfast and will not seep through the paper. Once you've started drawing manga, you won't want to stop!

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