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Matching Christmas gifts


by Panduro

Matching Christmas gifts

Matching Christmas gifts

How to instructions

With a 5-pack of paper, you can give your gifts loads of different looks; mix & match with various ribbon and paper. Decorate the Christmas gifts with labels, ornaments or why not by writing directly on the parcel? The white star is made of mini Hama beads. CIRCLES: We punched out the circles on the gifts from various papers and assembled them with a brad in the middle, and folded a piece of string around the back. Place the circles on the parcel and pull both ends of the string around it; secure by attaching the ribbon between the circles a quarter-wrap. TAGS: If you aren't great at writing pretty text, then templates are a wonderful tool. Draw in the template lightly with a pencil and fill in with the colour of your choice. Twin Brush pens are excellent. SNOWFLAKE: We beaded a pegboard and then quickly applied an iron (heat: three dots); place a piece of greaseproof paper between the iron and the beads. Once they have cooled, they will be stuck together and you can hang them from string or glue them to a tag.

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