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Matt paint is trendy!


by Panduro

Matt paint is trendy!

Matt paint is trendy!

How to instructions

Panduro Acrylic Matt is easy to use and has excellent coverage. Here, we painted a canvas house and sanded with sandpaper to create a worn, aged effect. We gave the wooden house a patina with black paint and a lot of water, so the paint became more of a stain. You can also "stain" painted surfaces to give the paint that subdued look. The decoration is made with stencils. Attach the stencil to the surface with masking tape and tape over nearby designs and outer edges (in case you accidentally paint outside the stencil). Paint with a foam rubber roller; first roll the roller in paint, then roll off most of the paint onto paper towels (the roller should feel almost dry). Then roll in the stencil with light strokes. It does not need to be completely filled in; it will look nice regardless. Remove the stencil and carefully wipe off the paint so it is clean again.

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