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Mice in a mini landscape


by Panduro

Mice in a mini landscape

Mice in a mini landscape

How to instructions

Why not set up a little kiosk for the mice by the house, in the garden or on the balcony? METHOD: The doors, letter box and other painted components were painted with Outdoor Craft Paint. All materials are assembled with hot glue and a glue gun. Make the cover and awning with narrow wooden sticks. Start with the frame. Then cut out a piece of felt with a wavy edge and glue it on. Glue the wooden sticks into a ladder and paint them. The mice were primed with grey paint and then decorated with clothing made of felt, fabric and knitted tubing. The eyes etc. are easiest to draw with a thin, waterproof pen and by dipping the tip of the brush handle in paint, you can "stamp" on a nose. Make different chairs and tables with the material from the miniature kit. The food and flowers are made from Fimo clay and the signs are laminated printouts.

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