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Mice with menaces


by Panduro

Mice with menaces

Mice with menaces

How to instructions

  • 1

    Position four small pale pumpkins at the sides, as carriage wheels, at the base of a large orange pumpkin. Attach using a glue gun or adhesive putty.

  • 2

    Construct and assemble wooden doors, staircases and windows from the miniatures kit.

  • 3

    Apply craft varnish to the pieces and attach to the pumpkins using liquid adhesive or adhesive putty.

  • 4

    Make a little tutu for the mouse girl. Cut a 20 x 5 cm length of tulle. Fold lengthwise, but not perfectly edge to edge, and tack stitches along the folded edge. Gently tug the thread to gather the skirt and then tie it around the waist of the mouse. Fasten a little band of lace around the upper body. Make a tiny cone out of black paper and glue to a disc cut from the same paper. Glue to the head as a witch hat.

  • 5

    Use torn strips of white cotton fabric to mummy-wrap the other mouse. Stain the fabric by dabbing it with watery black paint.

  • 6

    Model mini-pumpkins out of orange and green polymer clay and oven-cure to set.

  • 7

    Decorate the pumpkins with sequins, spiders, spider webs and other scary stuff.

For Halloween, the mice love to dress up and go trick-or-treating! Little Miss Mouse is dressed up as a witch, while mini Master Mouse wraps up in a mummified costume. The 'miceterious' duo have created a cute 'n' creepy Halloween scene, by turning a pumpkin into a ghostly carriage covered in spider webs and spooky spiders. Try your hand at crafting your very own little miniature world for Halloween, using pumpkins and cutesy creepy miniatures.

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