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Mini caravan


by Panduro

Mini caravan

Mini caravan

How to instructions

To make this adorable caravan, you will need all 25 of the wide sticks in our miniature kit. Split six of them in half and cut off the rounded ends. Cut off the ends of the other 19 sticks. Glue six long sticks together to form a wall, and one narrow stick to the back for extra support. You will need two narrow and two wide walls. Then make the rounded roof with the seven remaining sticks. Paint and attach the door and window. Paint and glue two blocks to a square board and attach them to the roof as a chimney. The veranda and stairs are made with narrow sticks. Paint four wheels or four round wooden discs; attach them to a dowel and glue to the bottom of the caravan. The figures are first painted orange and white. The nose is made with the tip of a brush handle and black paint, and the eyes are made with a thin waterproof pen. Cut out ears and clothes from felt and put them on the foxes. Make a clothes line, basket, signs etc. using the material in the kit. The berries in the basket are made from Fimo clay. Built up the scene with plants, moss and other natural materials.

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