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Miniature Easter world


by Panduro

Miniature Easter world

Miniature Easter world

How to instructions

  • 1

    The rabbit is made of an egg painted with white Hobbylack. We cut out the ears from white hobby felt, which we glued on top of the egg. The wreath is made of boxwood leaves and glitter paper. We drew the eyes, nose etc. with a waterproof pen

  • 2

    Make the pig by painting an egg with pink Hobbylack. Then cut out ears and a snout from glitter paper and glue them on. Draw the eyes etc. with a waterproof pen

  • 3

    Make the chick by painting an egg with yellow Hobbylack. Cut out wings and glue them to the egg. Then cut a piece of feather and glue a little fuzz to the chicks head. Last, cut a little bow out of glitter paper and glue it on top of the fuzz. We made the beak with a piece of orange hobby card

  • 4

    The little shed is made out of the widest lolly sticks in our miniature kit. Cut off the ends of six sticks and glue the long sides together. This will be the back of the shed. Then cut six sticks in half, cut off the ends and glue each set of six sticks together. These are the two short sides of the shed. Take six more sticks and cut off one end of each one; glue the long sides together. This is the roof. Glue the three walls together. Paint them and the ceiling with Hobbylack. Last, glue the roof on top of the walls

  • 5

    The little table is made of a wooden button and a wooden block that we glued and painted with Hobbylack. The pennants are little pieces of glitter paper that we glued to a piece of hemp twine. We printed out the little picture inside the shed, and put it in a little frame made of wooden sticks

There's so much you can make with eggs. For example, here we've transformed eggs into adorable little Easter animals and created a miniature Easter world.

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