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Miniature landscape


by Panduro

Miniature landscape

Miniature landscape

How to instructions

Use all 25 wide sticks from our miniature kit. Split 6 of them in half and cut off the round ends. Only cut the ends off 12 sticks. Assemble 2 narrow and 2 wide walls and if you like, glue a narrow stick to the back for support. Make the roof from 7 wide and 2 narrow sticks. Glue them together and cut off the ends from one side. Paint the house. Make a door from narrow sticks. Paint and attach the door/window. Make vegetables and flowers from Fimo clay. Paint the wooden bodies and make ears. Draw eyes etc. with a thin, black, waterproof pen. Dip the tip of the brush handle in paint and make noses. Paint clothes or cut them out from felt/fabric and glue them on. Use the material from the kit to make chairs, a table, bench, flower boxes etc. The fence and trellis are made with accessories 102011. Glue 8 wooden sticks together to form a parasol. Cut 6x4 cm triangles and attach them with overlapping seams. Trim the edges. Place a disc on top and secure the parasol to a stick with a stand. The knitting is made with wooden sticks that are sanded at one end and have beads on the other.

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