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Miniature mouse land


by Panduro

Miniature mouse land

Miniature mouse land

How to instructions

  • 1

    You will need a piece of knitted tubing for the little mouses hat. Cut about 6 cm, tie the end to a piece of string and turn it inside out. Cut out a pair of felt ears and glue them to the mouse. Tie a piece of satin ribbon into a little bow and glue to the front of the mouse

  • 2

    Make the little mouses jacket by measuring the body and then cutting out a piece of felt to the right size. Cut holes for the arms and put the jacket on the body. Fold down the collar and glue the jacket in front. Last, glue on a small decorative stone or button

  • 3

    The big mouses apron is easy to make yourself. Cut out the shape of an apron, fold and glue the edges in place. Cut out felt pockets and glue them to the front. The scarf is knitted and then tied around the mouses neck

  • 4

    The bouquet has tiny feathers made of origami paper and glued on

  • 5

    The little carrots and tomatoes are made of Fimo clay and then hardened in the oven at 110°C for about 10 minutes (do not exceed temperature or time. Do not use a microwave.)

Easter time means the garden is busy as can be. These mice have green thumbs and their vegetables are growing like wild. The carrots are ready to be harvested; the eggs need to be collected; and every corner of the garden is in need of a good spring cleaning. For this miniature mouse land, we mixed ready-made miniatures with our own Fimo clay creations.

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