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Modern nostalgia


by Panduro

Modern nostalgia

Modern nostalgia

How to instructions

  • 1

    Fill a pot with Oasis and cover with plastic

  • 2

    Paint the peas red or blue

  • 3

    Pour them into a plastic container with paint, put on the lid and shake

  • 4

    Sprinkle the peas into the pot and shape into a mound

  • 5

    Let dry and remove the plastic

Make realistic lingonberries and blueberries out of yellow peas and Hobbylack. Fill a pot with Oasis, about 1 cm from the edge. Place a sheet of plastic over the Oasis. Fill a plastic container 1/3 full of peas, add about 3 teaspoons of paint (dark red [248220] or dark blue [201025] Hobbylack), put on the lid and shake well until all of the peas are coated in paint. Pour them into the pot and shape a little mound. Let dry completely. Decorate with a few leaves, if you like. Once dry, you can remove the berries and cut or pull off the plastic. Then glue the berries into the pot.

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