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Moving card


by Panduro

Moving card

Moving card

How to instructions

The design pad "plain sheets" has 75 sheets in various colours that truly inspire! Here, we made a moving card that uses colour playfully with a balloon punch. Cut out and fold an A6 format card from a white sheet. Then cut a smaller light blue square (approx. 1 cm margins), and attach it to the middle of the white card with several adhesive pads. Punch out five balloons in whatever colours you like. For the house, cut out one white square and one black triangle. Use double-sided tape to attach two black windows and a door to the body of the house. Put an adhesive pad on the card where you want the house to be and run 5 small strings to 3 adhesive pads and 2 pieces of tape attached where the balloons will be (attach the two balloons on the bottom with the tape). Then attach the house and the balloons. Stamp a greeting on a white paper note and attach it to the card with adhesive pads. Our new date stamps are fun for card making; they have not just numbers, but useful words and symbols as well.

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