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On slippery ice


by Panduro

On slippery ice

On slippery ice

How to instructions

  • 1

    Braid brown yarn to make legs and a neck. Tie the ends together.

  • 2

    Cut two pieces of cotton string (1.5 m).

  • 3

    Make a head using 2/3 of a toilet paper roll. Leave an opening at the top and paint it. Cut out ears, paint them, and glue them to the opening. Attach one of the cotton strings to each ear. Make a little notch in the back of the head where you can attach the neck. Fold down the opening of the head and glue it in place. Attach eyes and a nose.

  • 4

    Attach the knots of the legs to craft balls, which youve painted brown.

  • 5

    Paint an entire toilet paper roll for the body. Then cut two notches (2 cm) at either end and insert the legs. Pull the other piece of cotton string through the roll. Attach the neck to the front of the body. Fold the openings on the body together and glue on round pieces to cover the holes. Cut out a tail and paint it, and then glue it on.

  • 6

    Paint little white dots on the back and rump.

  • 7

    Glue two flower sticks together in an X. Tie the strings to the X and send the figure out onto the ice.

Finding your balance isn't easy when you have legs made of yarn ... Make a charming marionette by reusing empty toilet paper rolls that you have lying around at home. Creating a nice shape for this figure can be a little tricky; just try it out as you go. A marionette is fun to make - and fun to play with once you're finished. Our little deer has courageously headed out into the winter landscape, and he's ready to play in the snow - and to take a spin on the ice, of course!

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