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Paint a graffiti lamp


by Panduro

Paint a graffiti lamp

Paint a graffiti lamp

How to instructions

  • 1

    Clean and dry the lamp thoroughly.

  • 2

    Remove the safety ring from under the nozzle on the spray bottle.

  • 3

    Shake the bottle well and test spray.

  • 4

    Prime the lamp with black and white spray paint, a little here and there.*

  • 5

    Spray dots, lines and other patterns in different colours. Try placing your finger in front of the nozzle while spraying to produce more spattering in the spray, if you want this additional effect.

  • 6

    Hold the can upside down, spray out the excess paint until nothing more comes out and wipe off the nozzle. This will prevent the nozzle from clogging the next time you use the spray paint.

  • 7

    Let the lamp dry completely before you hang it up.

  • 8

    Use a Posca pen if you also want to write or draw something on the lamp once it has dried.

Have you found an old metal lamp with worn-out colour at a flea market, or is there one taking up space in your garage? You can use spray paint to create a new lease of life with graffiti art in loads of great colours.

*Spray outdoors or in a well-ventilated space, for example in a workshop or garage.

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