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Paint an indoor letter box


by Panduro

Paint an indoor letter box

Paint an indoor letter box

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How about Christmas card storage that adds to the atmosphere? Card letter box for indoor use with a matt surface that is easy to decorate with paper, plastic sheeting, fabric, design sheets etc. We used allmoge paint to paint the box like a little red cottage with white corners. First draw the door and windows lightly with a pencil. Use a ruler to draw straight lines and for proper placement of each detail. Erase any unneeded lines because they may be visible through the paint. Paint the area twice for good coverage. Leave to dry. Paint the letters white, let dry, then attach them to the painted house. Glue with quick glue. To finish, paint snow paint on the roof for a wintry feel. Our palette knives are excellent tools for spreading the snow paint over the surface you want to cover. With super magnets placed in the box, you can attach it to your refrigerator (without damaging the surface). You can also use the magnets with our decor metal, then hang it on a hook in the hall.

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