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Paint collages with watercolours


by Panduro

Paint collages with watercolours

Paint collages with watercolours

How to instructions

  • 1

    First, paint a few sheets of watercolour paper with different watercolours. It may look lovely to let the colours flow together. Let dry.

  • 2

    Use one of the painted pieces of paper as a background.

  • 3

    Cut and tear out pieces from the other painted papers, assemble a design, and then glue it to the background. Feel free to add small details with a thin brush and carefully spattered paint. When you are satisfied with the design, let the glue dry.

Let the kids get creative with wonderful watercolours and beautiful collage art! First, they will prime several sheets of watercolour paper in various colours. Then it’s time to cut and paste various pieces for their artwork.

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