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Paint frames


by Panduro

Paint frames

Paint frames

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cover your work surface with a large sheet of plastic. Remember that the spray mist can spread, so it’s best to spray outside, as long as it isn’t too cold (15 to 25 degrees is perfect), or inside in a garage, cellar or similar.

  • 2

    Spray the frame with No Limit spray paint from 20 to 30 cm away, preferably with multiple thin layers of paint. This will prevent the paint from dripping and will produce more even results.

  • 3

    Let dry. Now your new frame is ready to hang up!

The picture isn't all that matters - frames can have a big impact; they can be works of art in and of themselves! You may be tired of your old frames, but with a little paint, you can make a perfectly ordinary frame exciting and new. Try it and see!

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