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Paint magnetic stone monsters


by Panduro

Paint magnetic stone monsters

Paint magnetic stone monsters

How to instructions

  • 1

    Collect stones and pebbles of various shapes and sizes.

  • 2

    Wash and dry the stones and pebbles.

  • 3

    Paint them in different colours. Leave to dry.

  • 4

    Glue a googly eye onto each monster using a glue gun.

  • 5

    Get an adult to help you glue a magnet onto the back.

Painting stones is a fun and easy craft for both children and adults. We made fun stone monsters with magnets on the back to display as fridge or board magnets, or as decor on outdoor planters. We recommend children to do their painting with the craft paints in the Decorate Nature DIY kit, which is specially intended for junior crafting. For adults who want a more durable result, we recommend applying a coat of craft varnish.

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