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Paint miniatures with soft pastels


by Panduro

Paint miniatures with soft pastels

Paint miniatures with soft pastels

How to instructions

  • 1

    Scrape a pastel with a knife

  • 2

    Apply the scraped off powder to Fimo

  • 3

    Dip a brush in the powder and apply shifting colours

  • 4

    Then harden the coloured Fimo pieces/figures in the oven

We used Fimo clay and soft pastels to make these miniatures. To produce the shifting colours, we applied soft pastels to the Fimo clay. Use a knife to scrape the soft pastel to form a light powder; then brush the powder onto the clay. This method will allow you to achieve beautiful and striking shifting colours and the result is more realistic. When you are satisfied with your painted figure, harden it in the oven. Here's what we've done. BIRD: Glue together two wooden balls (one small, one large). The small one is the bird's head and the big one is the body. Tip! Poke a stick into the hole of the wooden ball to hold while painting (it is easier to hold a stick). Cut out wings and tail feathers from black felt and attach them to the body (after the paint is dry). The beak is made with Fimo clay brushed with soft pastels in different shades and then hardened in the oven. FLOWERS, COCONUTS & BANANAS: The hibiscus flowers, bananas and coconuts were made the same way, using Fimo and soft pastels. A hot glue gun is a good choice for quick gluing. NOTE! All pieces should be hardened and finished before they are glued together! In other words, do not put any glued pieces in the oven. The Fimo package has instructions for hardening.

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