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Paint pots


by Panduro

Paint pots

Paint pots

How to instructions

Paint pretty pots with Outdoor Craft Paint! Remember: paint the pots inside and out to prevent water from seeping through and discolouring the paint or causing it to come off. Let dry for 4 hours between layers if you are going to paint several times. Let stand indoors for 72 hours before planting anything in the pots or putting them outside. STENCIL PAINTING: In this case, it's easiest to cut out the design (a dot) and then paint dot by dot. Use a stipple sponge and apply paint sparingly (otherwise it may seep beneath the stencil). Hold the stencil tightly against the surface as you paint. Hold the stippler upright; press down and lift straight up. If you get a little paint on the outside, you can paint over it afterwards.

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