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Paint with blackboard paint


by Panduro

Paint with blackboard paint

Paint with blackboard paint

How to instructions

Make personalised mugs! Paint with blackboard paint; once the mug has been fired, you can write on it with chalk or Chalk Markers! Clean the mug thoroughly. Do not touch the surface to be painted. Apply masking tape around the area that will have chalkboard paint. Press down on the tape thoroughly, especially towards the inside of the surface to be painted, to prevent any paint from getting beneath the tape. Fill the square with paint with a wide, flat, soft brush, using a light hand. Remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Let dry; the painted surface should be flat. Use the self-adhesive stencil to write text. Letter by letter, apply porcelain paint with a foam rubber brush. Use paint sparingly; stipple off most of it onto a piece of paper towel. Remove the stencil, wipe it off and dry it quickly with a hairdryer before painting the next letter. If you want to "frame" the painted square, use Porcelaine Relief; the line will be raised. Paint straight from the tube. Let dry for 24 hours, then harden in an ordinary oven for 30 minutes. Dishwasher safe at 55-60 degrees.

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