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Paint with fabric paint


by Panduro

Paint with fabric paint

Paint with fabric paint

How to instructions

  • 1

    Lay out the fabric on a smooth surface, such as newspaper or plastic.

  • 2

    Use masking tape to tape the stencil to the fabric.

  • 3

    Cover nearby designs with masking tape as well, to keep paint from getting on them.

  • 4

    Pour paint onto a paper plate or tear-off palette, and roll a foam rubber roller in the paint. Roll most of the paint off on the plate or palette, and then roll in the stencil.

  • 5

    Quickly dry the design with a hair dryer and then move the stencil to the next place you will paint.

It's easy and fun to paint patterns on textiles using stencils. We've made stylish kitchen towels with pink flamingos. Drying dishes is much more pleasant if you get to use kitchen towels featuring your own unique designs! Remember to use the paint sparingly, to keep it from seeping underneath the stencil. If the underside of the stencil gets messy, clean it off with cold water and dry it before you continue painting.

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