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Paint with luminous neon paint


by Panduro

Paint with luminous neon paint

Paint with luminous neon paint

How to instructions

Be the queen of the night in disco lights; paint fluorescent stars with neon paint! The T-shirt should be washed and dried; iron for a smooth surface. Place a newspaper or something similar inside the T-shirt so the paint does not go through to the back. Use the stencil with stars; spray it with stencil spray so it sits firmly against the fabric. Place it on the T-shirt where you want the star to be. Mask/cover the stars you do not want to paint with post-it notes. Roll a foam rubber roller in the paint. Use paint sparingly; roll paint onto a piece of paper towel first. Remove the stencil and dry quickly with a hairdryer. Make the next star the same way. Fix with an iron on the cotton setting for 3-5 minutes; iron from the back. Wash at 40°C. Neon paints are fluorescent in UV light.

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