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Paint with outdoor paint


by Panduro

Paint with outdoor paint

Paint with outdoor paint

How to instructions

Brighten up the patio with paint! Panduro Outdoor Paint works on wood, metal and terracotta. PAINT WOOD: Wash, sand with sandpaper if you like, and brush off the dust. If the wood has knots, varnish with shellac. Let dry for 2 hours. Apply a coat of paint, let dry for 8-12 hours, apply another coat and let dry for another 24 hours at least. PAINT METAL: If the metal might rust, it must be primed with anti-rust primer. Let the primer dry for 3 hours. Apply paint and let dry for at least 24 hours. PAINT TERRACOTTA POTS: Apply a coat of paint to the entire pot except for the outside of the bottom. Let dry for 2 hours and then paint the outside of the bottom. Note! It is important to cover all surfaces with paint; otherwise, the earthenware will absorb moisture, which will cause the paint to peel. REMEMBER: Always stir the paint before using. It may also be smart to use a smaller brush for details and masking tape to protect nearby areas.

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