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by Panduro

Paint with watercolour pencils

Paint with watercolour pencils

How to instructions

  • 1

    Draw your design with watercolour pencils on a sheet of watercolour paper.

  • 2

    Create effects and shading by brushing the colours with a wet brush.

  • 3

    You can also brush the pencil with a wet brush, and then draw details on your design.

It is fun to draw and colour with watercolour pencils because you can create so many different effects. Compared to watercolour paints in other forms, the advantage of watercolour pencils is that it is easier to make beautiful details. You can either begin by drawing with them like ordinary coloured pencils on dry paper and then create effects with a wet brush, or you can moisten the entire sheet of paper and then draw with the watercolour pencils. By wetting the colours, you can bring out beautiful nuances and combine different shades. Try as you go and see what kinds of results you can achieve!

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