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Painting with acrylic paint


by Panduro

Painting with acrylic paint

Painting with acrylic paint

How to instructions

Here, we've tested different techniques with paint, spray paint and markers + stencils and masking tape. SPRAY: perfect when you want a background or to simply produce a dripping paint effect. Spray different shades at the top edge of the picture, place the picture upright and let the paint drip down as far as you want. Spray white on top for a more pastel hue. Try it out on paper first! STENCIL: Tape the stencil where you want the design to be. Roll a foam rubber roller in paint (just a tiny bit of paint; roll off excess on a piece of paper before you start). Then roll over the design; do not press too hard. PAINT DOLLOPS IN THE MIDDLE: Dilute selected colours with water to the consistency of buttermilk, each one in its own plastic cup. Pour a dollop of paint in the middle of the picture. Pour the next colour in the middle of the first, then the next etc. Turn the picture this way and that so the paint runs in various directions; stop when the design looks good. Lay flat to dry. TEXT: Prime first, then write text with P. Acrylic Marker. The pen is perfect for small details on all acrylic paintings.

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