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Panduro Acrylic Marker


by Panduro

Panduro Acrylic Marker

Panduro Acrylic Marker

How to instructions

Panduro Acrylic Markers are the perfect complement to paints in the same range. You can use the markers for writing, drawing details, signing your paintings, etc. THE PAINTING PICTURED: Here, we used a sanding technique for a trendy patina effect. Start by priming the picture with a dark acrylic paint and allow it to dry. Before painting another layer with a lighter colour, rub a wax candle in the places where you want the dark colour to show through. Paint all over with white paint. Leave to dry. Write your text with a fine-tipped black Panduro Acrylic Marker and allow that to dry. Use sandpaper to rub the areas you applied the candle wax, to reveal the dark primer.

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