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Paper bag with finesse


by Panduro

Paper bag with finesse

Paper bag with finesse

How to instructions

A few cuts and folds will turn a bag into a shirt. Method: In a bag, cut two vertical notches (about 3.5 cm) on each side, about 2 cm below the opening. Fold the top flaps forwards and attach them down at a slight angle with double-sided tape; these are the collar points. Stick your thumb about 5 cm down into the fold on the side of the bag, then fold in the opposite direction (so the fold in the middle goes outwards instead of inwards). The flaps you pull/fold out will form a triangle and look like a sleeve. Do the same on the other side. Now, simply glue on a few buttons, or even cut out a tie or pocket from paper and add them, too. Easy and striking!

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