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Paper bowls for song booklets


by Panduro

Paper bowls for song booklets

Paper bowls for song booklets

How to instructions

BOWL/SONG BOOKLET: Cut out 9 pieces of paper to 20x20 cm. Fold down the middle. Fold the corners towards the large corners to create a square, then unfold. Fold the large corner towards the centre of the long side and unfold. Assemble a bowl with 3 pieces: slip them into one another with the long side on the table. Slip the point of one piece into the point of the other. Insert the last corner of the last piece into the first corner of the first piece. Turn the bowl over and glue down the flaps on the bottom. Tip! See instructions in the DIY leaflet. Make an additional bowl, but in step 3, turn the sheet over and fold the corner the other direction. Assemble the bowl and finesse the flaps into the opening of the first bowl. Make another section. Roll up the song booklets and attach a punched out star with Quick Glue. MENU: Cut a piece of card to 20x20 cm and fold in half. Cut a patterned sheet to 19x5 cm and attach it to the card. Attach a 20 cm long piece of ribbon along the patterned sheet. Attach a cut-out with a black frame. PLACE CARDS: Decorate a white place card with stickers.