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Make a paper summer wreath


by Panduro

Make a paper summer wreath

Make a paper summer wreath

How to instructions

  • 1

    Measure the size of your head with aluminium wire.

  • 2

    Wrap florist tape around the entire wire, secure the ends together.

  • 3

    Make large and small tissue paper flowers. Cut out leaves.

  • 4

    Layer flowers and leaves along the frame

  • 5

    Wrap the flowers in place and glue on the leaves.

Why go out to pick flowers when a wreath made of tissue paper flowers is just as beautiful? You get to decide how complicated you want the flowers to be. For example, you can assemble little bundles using floral wire or you can cut out flower petals to make bigger flowers. Start by measuring the size of your head and cut a piece of aluminium wire. Wrap floral tape around the entire wire and secure the ends together to make a wreath. Make flowers out of tissue paper in different colours. Small flowers: Cut a strip of tissue paper, roll it together a little unevenly and wrap floral wire around one end. Large flowers: Cut a black strip and cut notches into it. Glue it and wrap it around a piece of aluminium wire. When you're finished with the flowers, cut out petals and glue them around the centre of the flowers. Cut out green leaves and alternate leaves and flowers around the frame. Wrap on the flowers and glue on the leaves. Now you have an absolutely beautiful summer wreath to wear in your hair at summertime parties.

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