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Paracord hanging pot holders


by Panduro

Paracord hanging pot holders

Paracord hanging pot holders

How to instructions

Make trendy hanging pot holders with parachute cord, known as Paracord. They look fabulous when you have several together, especially with pots at different heights. METHOD: 1. Cut eight equal-length pieces (1.2-2 metres long, depending on how long you want the hanging pot holder to be) and tie them to the ring. 2. Cut 1 metre and wrap it around the eight pieces. Tie to one of the eight pieces to secure it. Hang the ring on a hook or something similar, which will make the process easier. 3. Tie the pieces together two by two. Remember to adjust the placement of the knots in accordance with the pot and plant. 4. Tie one of the two pieces to the piece next to it. Repeat with all pieces, so that they form a net pattern. If the pot is small, you can make more knots and tie them closer together. 5. Tie all the pieces together with a knot at the bottom, then cut off the ends to the desired length. 6. Last, burn the tops with a lighter to prevent the parachute cord from unravelling.

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