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Personalised key rings


by Panduro

Personalised key rings

Personalised key rings

How to instructions

  • 1

    Draw your design on shrink plastic

  • 2

    Cut out the design and punch holes with punch pliers

  • 3

    Place in the oven (175°C)

  • 4

    Put under pressure

  • 5

    Attach the key ring to the jump ring

A personalised key ring is always much easier to find! With Creative Colors Colored Pencils and shrink plastic, everyone in the family can make their own awesome key rings. You will also need: key rings, punch pliers, a marker with a thin tip and jump rings. Here's what to do: Draw the design of your choice onto the shrink plastic with a marker or coloured pencils. Then cut out the design and make a hole using the punch pliers. Place the design in the oven (175°C) and watch as it shrinks before your eyes; it's super fun! Once the design is flat, remove it from the oven and place under pressure for a moment. DONE! Use the jump ring to attach the key ring.

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