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Pictures with fluid painting


by Panduro

Pictures with fluid painting

Pictures with fluid painting

How to instructions

Fluid painting is a creative technique that is super fun once you discover it! Start by covering your work surface with plastic; this technique can be messy. Also cover the area where you will lay the picture to dry. Dilute Panduro Acrylic Matt with water in a plastic mug to a buttermilk-like consistency. Pour a large pool of paint in the middle of the canvas, and then pour another colour over the first one. If you like, pour on one more colour. Tilt the canvas so the paint runs in different directions until you are satisfied with the pattern. You can cover the entire canvas or only part of it; do what you think looks best. For additional effects, you can mist the surface lightly with water. If the layer of paint is too thick, it can crack when it dries, but the cracks can also look nice. Let the picture dry flat, preferably propped up on blocks. Varnish the picture if you want a glossy surface.

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