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Pour a painting of outer space!


by Panduro

Pour a painting of outer space!

Pour a painting of outer space!

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cover your work surface with plastic and wear an apron.

  • 2

    Combine equal amounts of paint and water in several cups.

  • 3

    Pour all of the paints into one bigger glass, but do not stir.

  • 4

    Place the canvas on top of the glass and flip everything upside down.

  • 5

    Lift the glass and let the paint run towards the edges. Tilt the canvas in different directions, so that the paint runs to each corner. When youre pleased with the design, let the canvas dry.

  • 6

    Cut out craft rubber figures and glue them in outer space.

Greetings, Earthling! Let the kids make awesome paintings of the galaxy with the exciting paint pouring technique! Use liquid, glittery tempera paint to achieve a fantastic, galactic background. Cut out craft rubber stars, planets, spaceships, astronauts, and maybe even a UFO and alien. Then sit back and dream of travelling through outer space and the glittering galaxy!

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