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Pouring technique with acrylic paint


by Panduro

Pouring technique with acrylic paint

Pouring technique with acrylic paint

How to instructions

  • 1

    Blend each acrylic paint in its own cup with silicone oil, water and optional pouring medium.

  • 2

    Pour all of the colours into the same cup without blending.

  • 3

    Pour the paints onto the canvas.

  • 4

    Tilt the canvas carefully this way and that so that the paint runs across it.

  • 5

    Dry the painting flat and let dry completely.

If you haven't tried pouring yet, it's high time to do so. The book Abstract Acrylic Painting has tips and ideas for various pouring techniques as well as inspiration for other abstract artworks that you can make with acrylic paint. Using the pouring technique, everyone can create their own abstract art in every imaginable colour. Plus, it's super fun! Tip: Remember to never whisk the paint because that will form lots of air bubbles. Instead, stir the paint with a lolly stick or something similar. For pouring, use acrylic paint that is not too thick, because otherwise it won't flow as easily.

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