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Practice the alphabet with window paint


by Panduro

Practice the alphabet with window paint

Practice the alphabet with window paint

How to instructions

  • 1

    Paint the letters with black outlines on a sheet of plastic. If you use plastic wrap, you will have to stretch it out well to prevent the letters from crinkling up when dry.

  • 2

    Fill inside the letters with different colours.

  • 3

    Let the letters dry for a day.

  • 4

    Move the letters from the plastic to a window, mirror, or another glossy surface (such as tile).

Window paint makes it fun to learn the alphabet! If your child can’t write letters yet, you can make a template with paper and a pen first. Then place the template under the plastic sheet so that your child can fill it in. The window paint tube has a fine tip, making it easy to paint anything from fine lines to large areas. The finished letters are easy to move around, so that you can make words. Once the window paint is dry, it becomes translucent and lets in the light when placed in a window. Note: Must not be used on acrylic window panes.

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