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by Panduro

Recycling a little cupboard

Recycling a little cupboard

How to instructions

  • 1

    Start by cleaning and sanding the furniture

  • 2

    Stir the paint

  • 3

    Paint with a good brush

  • 4

    Paint the inside a different colour

  • 5

    Let dry for 2 days

Did you find a few great items at a flea market or win a piece of furniture at auction this summer, that needs some freshening up? We have just about everything you need for furniture renovations - furniture paint, tools and even fabric and wadding, if needed. We transformed this lovely little cupboard with new paint. Have you tried painting with Panduro Vintage Furniture paint? If not, we warmly recommend it! It is a wonderful creamy, chalky, matt paint that produces a beautiful chalky look. METHOD: Start by cleaning the furniture and sanding any unevenness. Stir the paint in the container and begin painting; use a good brush to paint the furniture. Apply several coats of paint if needed. It doesn't matter if the paint has a little texture in it, but if you like, you can also brush out the paint thoroughly. Then let the furniture dry for two days before using it. The large Folklore Tassel is made out of strips of fabric from our "Folklore Fusion" collection. Take a bundle of strips and tie a piece of string in the middle. Cover a wooden ball with strips, tie them underneath the wooden ball with a fabric strip. Thread painted balls onto string and hang up.

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