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Recycling - birdfeeder


by Panduro

Recycling - birdfeeder

Recycling - birdfeeder

How to instructions

  • 1

    Use a porcelain drill bit to drill holes in the dishes

  • 2

    Insert a dowel

  • 3

    Attach the pieces with Epoxy

  • 4

    Screw an eyelet into the top of the dowel

  • 5

    Hang it up

Don't throw out old cups and dishes that you've gathered over the years. Use them to make something fun! We've made a birdfeeder. We used one big dish and one small one, a cup, a dowel, twine and an eyelet. First we wrapped the dowel with twine in a matching colour. Then we drilled holes in the dishes. Use a porcelain drill bit (we used a 6 mm drill bit, which is available in our selection). Then we pushed the dowel through the holes and glued everything in place with Epoxy Rapid adhesive. We screwed in an eyelet as a hanger at the top. The result - a modern food-kiosk for the birds and a beautiful eye-catcher for the garden!

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