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Renovate the kitchen with contact plastic


by Panduro

Renovate the kitchen with contact plastic

Renovate the kitchen with contact plastic

How to instructions

Are you keen to freshen up your old kitchen? It's easier than you think, not to mention affordable. You can cover cupboard doors and tiles with contact plastic so that they match. METHOD,
DOOR: Cut out a piece a little bigger than the door. Carefully unroll the plastic while removing the protective plastic, so the sticky side touches the cupboard door. Smooth out as you go, to make sure you don't get any air bubbles. Finish by smoothing out any areas you may have missed and carefully cutting away the excess plastic around the door so that you have clean edges.
TILE: Measure your tile, then cut out the plastic in pieces that are sized to fit the plates. Attach and smooth out according to the same principle as the doors. If you get an air bubble that won't go away, carefully poke the bubble with a pin to let the air out.

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