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Reuse more!


by Panduro

Reuse more!

Reuse more!

How to instructions

Upcycling is in right now - don't buy new things; restyle your old furniture instead. KITCHEN TABLE: Start with groundwork (see free instructions 920148) and primer. Then apply furniture paint; you may need more than one layer for a nice finish. Let the table dry. Decoupage the table surface with paper strips (6x28 cm); create a parquet-like pattern. Apply decoupage varnish to the paper and let expand a little, about 30 seconds, then smooth out the strip on the table with a dry brush (for bigger surfaces, we recommend Royal Coat finish 470 ml). Once the surface is covered as you like, let it dry completely and then brush the entire surface with a protective coat of decoupage varnish. Finish with a clear varnish for an even harder surface, if you like. CHAIRS: Take off the stuffed cushions and do the groundwork and painting according to the same principle as for the table. Place the cushion on a piece of fabric, cut about 10-15 cm around so you can pull the fabric around to the bottom; attach with a staple gun. Cut off excess fabric. Put the cushion back in place once the chair is dry. Done!

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