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Reuse the tube as a gift box


by Panduro

Reuse the tube as a gift box

Reuse the tube as a gift box

How to instructions

  • 1

    Spray paint the entire craft tube brown. Apply thin layers and spray from a distance of about 20 to 30 cm.* Let the paint dry completely.

  • 2

    Cut out cheeks and little speckles for the reindeer from self-adhesive craft rubber. Attach the cheeks with a few cm between them, at the lower edge of the tube.

  • 3

    Cut out eyes and antlers from craft rubber. One idea is to trace a template on a piece of paper first and use it to cut out the craft rubber.

  • 4

    Attach the eyes to the white cheeks and attach the antlers to the lid of the tube.

  • 5

    Glue on a sparkly giant pompom as a brilliant nose.

  • 6

    Tie a bow in satin ribbon and glue it to one antler.

Transform empty packaging into beautiful gift boxes! Look around your home for cardboard boxes that you can reuse instead of throwing away. We decorated one of our card craft tubes to look like an adorable Rudolph with a gift inside. So even when the contents run out, you can keep on crafting with the box!

*Spray outdoors or in a well ventilated space, for example in a workshop or garage.

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