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Rub-on art


by Panduro

Rub-on art

Rub-on art

How to instructions

It doesn't get any easier than this! To make your own pictures: Choose a watercolour panel canvas, available in both thin and deeper options. Cut out the adhesive rub-on design (leave the protective paper in place). Paint a background that fits the size of the design using watercolour paints diluted with water. Feel free to apply the paint with hasty, irregular strokes; a few splashes will add to the appeal of the final piece. Let the paint dry and then remove the protective paper from the rub-on design. Remember not to touch the sticky surface, because the design will come with it. Place the sticky surface on the painted background where you want the design to be, and rub on with the wooden stick. Carefully lift off the design paper. Did part of the design fail to stick? Replace it and rub a little more. Then apply Minc gold foil (the sticky surface to the painted background) and rub your finger over the surface until the foil sticks to the design. Remove the foil. Done!

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