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Sculpt adorable forest animals in clay


by Panduro

Sculpt adorable forest animals in clay

Sculpt adorable forest animals in clay

How to instructions

  • 1

    Knead a piece of clay until it feels smooth and workable. Shape a head, body and tail.

  • 2

    Assemble the various parts while the glue is still moist. (The tail may need to be glued on later.)

  • 3

    Let the entire figure dry completely once the shape is finished. It may take up to a few days for the figure to dry completely, depending on its size.

  • 4

    Paint the figure with Hobbylack once it is completely dry. Start with the base colour.

  • 5

    Paint the white details. Fill in the sections a second time if needed. Add white dots and little dashes as details, and paint the eyes and nose with black paint.

Hobby Clay is a wonderful material to work with and can be used to make tons of different things. The clay has a ceramic-like texture and is suitable to use to make little decorative items and more. Here, we made a cute little fox and a squirrel. It may be helpful to have a little water available while shaping the figures. Carefully brush on a little water if the clay begins to dry out. We blended orange, brown and white Hobbylack to achieve the right shade for the little animals. Use a round brush with small bristles for the little details and for the eyes and nose. Let your imagination run wild!

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