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Send beautiful Christmas gifts in the post


by Panduro

Send beautiful Christmas gifts in the post

Send beautiful Christmas gifts in the post

How to instructions

  • 1

    Wrap Christmas gifts in sturdy Christmas gift wrap and use strong double-sided tape.

  • 2

    Apply criss-crossing glitter tape around the entire parcel as decoration.

  • 3

    Add jute twine around the parcel, over the glitter tape, and tie on a tag with the address. Glue the string and tag securely in place.

  • 4

    Decorate the parcel with beautiful stickers and a festive Christmas greeting written directly on the paper with a Posca pen.

When it isn't an option to gather for Christmas, why not send a surprise Christmas gift by post instead! Wrap your parcel like a Christmas gift and it will brighten up your recipient's letterbox. If your gift is soft, cumbersome, or fragile, it is best to place it in a box and surround it with tissue paper. This way, you can be sure the contents won't shake around during transport. Glue all details flat against the parcel with a hot glue gun, and your gift is ready to make a safe journey all the way to the recipient's tree in time for Christmas!