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Sew a Christmas stocking


by Panduro

Sew a Christmas stocking

Sew a Christmas stocking

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut out the pieces according to the template

  • 2

    2 pieces of fabric

  • 3

    2 pieces of lining

  • 4

    2 pieces of interlining

  • 5

    Sew together and decorate with pompom balls

Sew Christmas stockings with our beautiful Christmas fabrics. Cut out the pieces for the stocking, adding 1 cm of seam allowance: two pieces of fabric, two pieces of lining and two pieces of interlining/quilt wadding. Place the pieces of fabric right side facing right side, with the interlining on the outside. Sew together all the way around with a 1 cm seam allowance. Leave an opening at the top. Turn the stocking right side out. Arrange the lining right side facing right side. Sew all the way around the same way (with an opening at the top) but also leave an opening at the bottom so that it can be turned later. Pull the lining over the stocking so that the external fabric and lining are right side facing right side. Sew around the edge with a 1 cm seam allowance. Turn the entire stocking, sew up the opening at the bottom and stuff the lining into the stocking. Iron the edges and stitch up the opening at the edge. Fold down the edge (about 10 cm) to hide the lining. For an added touch of finesse, decorate the stocking with pompoms that you make yourself. Make a few, then braid the ends of the pompoms together and sew to the stocking, so that the braid forms a loop as a hanger. See the template in the PDF below.