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Sew Christmas ornaments for the tree


by Panduro

Sew Christmas ornaments for the tree

Sew Christmas ornaments for the tree

How to instructions

Sew tinkly trees and caps to hang in the Christmas tree. METHOD: Cut out and trace the templates on fabric; you need two different fabrics for the caps (seam allowance is included).
CAP: Place the top and bottom pieces right side facing right side and sew them together along the edge (dotted line). Iron.
CAP/TREE: Place the back and front pieces together right side facing right side. Cut out about 20-25 cm ribbon/thread for each ornament, fold in half and place between the fabric pieces so the ends stick out at the top of the figure. Sew around the entire figure along the dotted line (simultaneously sewing on the ribbon/thread). Cut small notches at the marks. Turn right side out and poke out all corners, for example with a toothpick. Fill with wadding and sew up the opening by hand. Last, sew small bells to the points to make jingle bells.
The templates are in the PDF below.

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