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Shimmering gold stones


by Panduro

Shimmering gold stones

Shimmering gold stones

How to instructions

  • 1

    Prime the stones and let dry

  • 2

    Brush on a layer of special glue (for metal leaf), wherever you want the gold to adhere

  • 3

    Let dry for about 15 mins.

  • 4

    Apply the metal leaf, pressing with a soft brush or rag to make sure it adheres thoroughly

  • 5

    Let dry again

Add a touch of gold to stones and to life! Gild your beach finds and make them a trendy interior decor detail that you will absolutely want in your home. First, paint the stones your favourite colour. We painted the stones in the picture with Hobbylack. If you want to blend pastels, begin with white paint and then add a few drops of dark paint at a time (for example, purple) until you have achieved a nice pastel shade. The golden details are gold metal leaf applied using Fimo Size for Leaf Metal. Let the stones dry completely before you begin working with the gold leaf. Don't worry about a few cracks and flaws. We think that adds a nice charming feel! Fimo Leaf Metal is available in both gold and silver. Choose your favourite!

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