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Shimmering metal eggs


by Panduro

Shimmering metal eggs

Shimmering metal eggs

How to instructions

Shimmering metal eggs bring a sense of luxury to the Easter table. METHOD: Fill a glass with warm water and drop in the paint tubes. Let them soak in the warm water until the paint liquefies. Cut the paint tubes apart with a pair of scissors. Put on the accompanying gloves and snip off the tops of the tubes. Take the warm eggs from the pot and dry them off. To begin with, drip about 15 drops of the lightest colour into the palm of your hand (with gloves on). Carefully rotate the egg in the paint. Let the egg dry for a moment, but not completely; it should feel sticky. Wrap metal foil around the egg and press gently so that it sticks. Pull off the foil. The metal is now stuck to the sticky paint. HAVE AT HOME: Warm freshly hard-boiled eggs, scissors, protective plastic, heat-tolerant glass.

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