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Shoe rack


by Panduro

Shoe rack

Shoe rack

How to instructions

Two trivets have become a shoe rack! METHOD: Cut four 35 cm strips. Fold all ends 3 cm, make holes through both layers, attach around the first and last "peg" and fasten together with hollow rivets (982490). The wall attachment is made of two strips in the back edge (45 cm) and two strips in the front edge (55 cm); fold them up 3 cm, punch a hole and fasten together with hollow rivets. The strips have different dimensions because the shoe rack should be straight when you hang it on the wall. They are then threaded through the outermost end pegs. Place the two strips together, edge to edge, and make three holes through both layers. Put hollow rivets through the two lowest holes. The entire shoe rack hangs from two hooks through the top hole. This way, fewer holes are required while still retaining strength.

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