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Soft ornaments in the tree


by Panduro

Soft ornaments in the tree

Soft ornaments in the tree

How to instructions

  • 1

    Cut out felt figures

  • 2

    Draw based on the template or free-hand

  • 3

    Sew or glue together, leaving a small opening

  • 4

    Fill with wadding and close the opening

  • 5

    Attach string and hang up

Make soft ornaments for the tree this year. Hobby felt is perfect for making adorable little figures. The felt is easy to cut into and the edges won't fray, so you can make really pretty, detailed figures. Cut out figures based on the included template or draw your own free-hand (you will need a front and a back for one figure). Arrange the pieces and sew or glue the edges together all the way around, either option is fine. Leave a small opening in order to insert a little wadding between the two pieces of felt, then sew up or glue the opening. Cut a piece of thread, fold it in half and tie it on as a hanger. See the template in the PDF below.